Caledonian Antisyzygy

Two horny college-girls in our twenties looking for a spanking. This is our secret kinky tumblr, shh.

We both like dominant men, bondage, discipline, the occasional ball-gag, and doing-it doggy style.

Exploring our naughty fetishes, fantasies and maybe the erotic exhibitionists within us - feel free to ask anything.


goodness. a good hard fast over the knee spanking followed by a good hard fast fuck with her head down and her bottom up in her old room at her parents’ house.

such a naughty naughty little miss spankypants…

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There is a beauty in submission; it is elegant, demure and unassuming and yet, it radiates a strength that says, “I am yours completely … by choice.”


His body. His cock. All to sexy. That moment when you grab his cock and tell him silently with your eyes that you’re going to make him feel like a king.

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I love how perfect his suit is, compared to her nakedness.

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he allowed her a sip of water from the sink and watched as she greedily drank. his hands wrapped in her hair, and every time she seemed to recover he’d yank her head back and force her to look at him. 

"who is your Master?"

"you are, sir."

she waits for him to get home, waits to feel his hand on her throat, waits to feel the pain, waits to be used…

she had to wait for his attention; any sign of begging would only bring a harsher punishment. as he touched her lips she couldn’t help but caress him, silently asking for permission…


“I realize it ain’t him I miss
It’s that young girl, wide-eyed, first love
One time innocence” 

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For some reason I love getting fingered with my panties still on so they have to pull them aside to get their fingers in. In a way it just feels naughtier and so much sexier. I’m wet just thinking about it.